Saturday, July 24, 2010

Plum Jam

Last Sunday I made 14 jars of plum jam. I added one apple and lemon juice to help it set, as I did not have any pectin. It is a little runny but not too bad and can definitely be spread on bread. But I bet it would make nice jam tarts.

Maria gave me the plums from her in-laws orchard. I have already scouted out an apple tree at a friends house for apple picking in August, to make some more chutney. I know they just go to waste.

I have a small apple tree; which has not produced apples yet, but then I read on-line they have to be about five years old and you need another tree near-by to cross pollinate. A neighbour two doors down does have a tree, so that will probably work. So I'm still hoping for apples.

My grapes are coming on nicely, but must be prepared to pick when ready and make into wine. I am determined this year that I will make wine. I have some old wine, I made at least twelve years ago. I made it too dry, so not so good for drinking, but makes a great Sangria.

I still have not used my rubber baking mat I bought. You need one of these when trying to make savoury crackers; which I want to have a go at. They're quite expensive to buy and in all truth what's in them, doesn't cost but a few pennies. Plus I have fresh herbs in the garden. So must do that. But when the house is soo hot, almost 100 f today, one doesn't think of rolling pastry.

Even the fish died a couple of weeks ago, well four died, it just got too hot in their tank. Survival of the fittest there, they didn't all die. It was a shame.

Have a great weekend.


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