Friday, July 30, 2010

Are We Becoming Vegetarians?

It almost seems like we are becoming vegetarians.  We're eating a lot of stir fried veg and rice or q?.  Sometimes I do it with sausage which is good.  I guess on this frugal living we don't buy a lot of meat.  Oh well!  It's probably better for us.

This is onions, squash, green leaf veg, peppers we usually add tomatoes at the end.  Just add some curry powder and we could be Indian.  I wouldn't mind but that wouldn't suit Bo, Rob might be OK with it.

You see the large jar to the right, that houses Sawyer, a Sciamese fighting fish.  I say he'd probably be alright in the tank with the other fish, but Rob says no.  He keeps getting put on one of the burners when we run out of room and one day we will have boiled Sawyer, poor guy.


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