Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow at the Park, my white, blue and red posting

Where no man has trod before!

Well it snowed for the second time, twelve inches on top of twenty-six inches. So on Thursday the sun shone brightly. Bo and I got out to the park. It seems that we were the only ones who ventured forth in snow so deep. I kept thinking of the poor people who were on the ill fated Donner Pass in winter time, with snow up to their waists. Settlers who wanted to settle in California, but had to go over the Sierra's to get there.

Bo did offer me them, but silly me turned them down. He's had them from when we used to go skiing. They would be very simple to make, and if we get anymore winters like this, it would be well worth doing so. They're just two layers of nylon, with elastic top and bottom and velcro up the side for a closier. In deep snow they keep all the top of your boots covered and your trouser leg dry. If this winter is the pattern for others, I will be making a pair.

The creek is partially frozen over and hubby got a little too close to the edge, with a hand taking a dunk.

The return trip was a little easier treading in our own footsteps.

The beautiful male cardinal. This is one bird I never miss. Always reminds me of the British Redcoats during the American Revolution. No wonder the Brits lost.

I meant to post these photos yesterday. We took quite a few photos and I stared the ones I wanted to Blog. Realising there were a lot of photos in my stared folder, I put them in a Picassa Album, then promptly could not find the album through my post. So got hubby on the job today, even he could not find them, we decided it must be some kind of virtual file that sits on other files we could locate. So we just put them in a different folder. What a to do.



  1. I'm really enjoying your snowy pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

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    Many thanks,
    A x


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