Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Smiles This Week

Dear Boy with his Mad Bomber Hat on. That really is the brand name. He's showing those very Brit rosey cheeks. Those lines are snow.

Dear Tink who always sits with her paws crossed. I got her from the SPCA as an adult cat. No one came and claimed her and I got this dear sweet lady.

Our resident squirrels who live in our Northern Oak tree, out scavaging in the snow. I put out some seeds for the birds on one of those mesh platforms, but it become buried in the snow, but if the birds missed it the squirrels didn't. They were out there digging and digging. My husband took video.

A card my dear friend sent me a little while ago and I put it out to bring me a smile.

Some lovely peach coloured roses from Aldis. I love flowers, but on a budget. $3.99 for 6 roses is in my budget That mid shade of peach was the colour of my bridesmaids dresses.

So this Saturday evening I made Mariner's Pie. I had some fish in the freezer, which I knew had been there longer than it should have been, so what to do with it and not to waste it. I came across the recipe in a collection of books my mum gave me, she collected them from Sainsburys, .99p each. I have about fifteen. I'll post the recipe for the pie another day, it's very good.

Have a great weekend.


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