Friday, February 5, 2010

12.28 AM and a Snowstorm has hit the Eastern Seaboard

Snow plow going by.

Well it's just gone mid-night and another snow storm has hit. Not sure how much they a forecasting. I've heard the snow plow go by a couple of times. That's one thing about over here in the States, they do snow plow and shovel the sidewalks. In fact every householder is responsible for shoveling their sidewalk and if the borough wanted to enforce it, they could fine you if you don't do it.

Shops positively make sure that parking lots and in front of their premises is totally clear of snow. I remember when I was home one year in the UK, I was quite unprepared for sloshing around town with none of the pavements shoveled I'd quite forgotten how it was.

Well that will be our weekend, shoveling. Hope to get out for a walk.

Hubby brought in lots of firewood and there's a big pile by the house.

Have a great weekend.



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