Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Voyage Out, Fifties Colours?

Woolf in Winter has been an enjoyable read for me, as I have always wanted to read Virginia Woolf, but you do need to be committed to do so. I wouldn't call it casual reading. I got this book from the library, the cover was designed by Vanessa Bell and this book is a fifties Hogarth Press release. The dust cover is very Bloomsbury style. I like the colours.

Then I started sorting though my crochet patterns and came across this one, look at those colours. Such a similar colour palette.

Isn't this a nice pattern?
I would imagine the dust cover was designed much earlier than the fifties.
If I remember Laura Ashley had a whole Bloomsbury line, in pale greys and yellow. As an eight year old I had a favourite skirt which my mum's friend made for me, in shades of yellow and grey. I will have to look up my old Laura Ashley decorating book.


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