Wednesday, February 3, 2010

15-91 Singer Sewing Machine

This is one of the two Singer 15-91 sewing machines that my husband found in the trash. He picked both of them up for me. One is from 1932 with the original manual and this one is from 1950, no manual, but there are lots on the web.

It was partially rewired in 1989, and probably serviced at that time, bill $138.00. I have cleaned it, and have plugged it in and it runs. It needs the plate put on; which Bo said he would put on for me.

I haven't looked at the other one very closely, as it's out in the garage. It has a very fancy chrome plate.

These machines are gear run, as opposed to my Husqvarna which has a belt. They're meant to be a real work horse and be able to sew through great thicknesses; which well may help me to sew Rob's guitar case.

I read that in 1950's one of these machines would cost almost three-hundred dollars, people would buy them on the never, never. It would obviously be a special purchase. In today's money that is well over two-thousand dollars.

Bo says he'll work on the cabinet for me. I did clean it all up. When he'll get to it, I don't know. But a nice find.


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  1. Fantastic find! I have one very similar, must find out when it was made.

    I have a Husqvarna too.


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