Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tesco's Grand Opening in BB's Home Town

Monday the day before my flight left, is a day spent around my sister's. Packing and getting in a visit to the grand opening of a Tesco's store in her home town. Cake and wine, plus bag give aways. I was hoping for a Kath Kidson bag, since I have heard they sometimes can be bought at Tesco's, but to no avail. They did have the town brass band playing outside the entrance.

Tesco's bought the old builder's yard, plus re-routed a main road to build this Tesco's. There was a whole row of terrace houses that sat right on the road, but had very long back gardens. So they bought all their back gardens, leaving them a little bit. Re-routed the road behind their houses and made the front of the terrace houses where the road used to be, a pedestrian area with trees and flower boxes. Plus these house have their own gated car park. So all in all I think the people are pretty happy, paying off their mortgages with what they got.

The new Tesco's is certainly giving Sainsbury's a run for their money. As Tesco's is in town, but Sainsbury's you have to drive to. Sainsbury's was closed for two weeks while I was visiting, for a hasty revamping; which of course they would never have done it, if no competition. Another big food store in town was needed. But maybe I shouldn't say that because of all the smaller shops in town, although many of those are chains.


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