Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Kitchen Sink, Today, a Snowey Sunday


Is posting kitchen sinks from around the world. I was going to send my photos in, when I figure our how to send them in. In the mean time I thought that I would do a posting here.

I took these photos today. The kitchen is bright, because of all the snow outside on a sunny day.

Our home is from the mid 1920's, and is Dutch style Colonial. Downstairs all our window sills are deep as you can see from the kitchen sill. Our kitchen window faces a neighbours, so not wanting to put up curtains or blinds, I opted for the stained glass panels; which I do so enjoy.

We put new crank out windows in a couple of years ago, as the old ones were terribly drafty. The kitchen window is the only piece of painted wood in my house, everything else is stained. My husband sanded them down for me to paint, but I just loved all the old paints showing through, especially the light green; which was a very popular color in the states in the 1920's, so I think it represents a little cross section of the history of our house.

On the far left of the sill you can see my lighthouse tile; which my sister bought for me on the Isle of Skye and in front of that is my Japanese tea making set, from Candyce. The rest is just a collection of jugs and the teapot sits on an old candle heating stand.

To get to my sink. To the left hanging on the tile work is a pottery soap and sponge holder; which I picked up at a charity shop in England and to the left of that is my Port Merion pot, where I put all my scraps before putting them in the garden.

To the right of my sink is a little Indian drawer set, where I keep bits and pieces.

This photo was taken by Rob a few evening ago, when he was on the floor taking photos of the cats. So you could say this is a Tink and Tuppy view of the kitchen sink.

Even as small as our kitchen is, we still have a fish tank, to the left. Rob wanted one, but where to put it? So yes mum gave up even more of her counter space. What you do for your kids!


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