Saturday, December 19, 2009

Edinbane Pottery, Isle of Skye

Is a lovely pottery shop in Edinbane. My sister BB and I love pottery, well any kind of china. In fact a friend came to our house one time and said 'it's a good job you don't throw plates at Bo when you get angry because you would never run out.' And that's about the truth. I have so many sets of beautiful china, and some pottery.

I would have bought something here, but to be honest it was super expensive. For instance a cup was eighteen pounds and the matching saucer fifteen pounds. My sister and I are pretty thrifty. He had some buttons, not even glazed in different colours, and not an inch in diameter and wanted three pounds per button; which BB and I thought was excessive. If he'd of had something small like that and cheaper, we would have bought a set.

If you had the money though, some lovely pieces.


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