Thursday, December 17, 2009

Elsenham Sweet Shop

When I was in my early teens, I would ride my bike to visit my friend who lived in Tye Green. She lived in a large old tudor house, with wonderful beams and a thatched roof. I especially remember the orchard in blossom, on a wonderful spring day.

On a Saturday afternoon we would ride our bikes to the sweet shop in Elsenham.
The building above was where the sweet shop used to be. What fun we had with all those large jars of sweets, where you would order a quarter of this and a quarter of that. Our favourites were lemon sours with sherbet inside them, and bon bons, which were toffee with a sugar powder on the outside.

We would ride up this road from Tye Green.

To this intersection, and cross the road to the sweet shop.

It was a little sad to see that the shop is now empty. These little village shops are hard to keep going. I think those wonderful front windows are just crying out for some creative enterprise.


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