Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hospital Yard Sale

My friend M. said you must come with me to the State Hospital Yard Sale, they have two a year, so of course why would I say no.

Well it is a must go to yard sale. This is my list of items for:- $25.00

Musical Box
4 pairs of earings
2 broaches
Cosmetic case, brand new from the Metropolitan Museum, NY
Little cake plate with handle
8 green glasses which match a set of desert glasses I already have
8 large tubes of oil paints
10 some new and almost new oil painting brushes
Packet of assorted elastics, pins, needles, snaps, hooks and eyes, buttons
Assorted crochet cotton thread
Crepe pan
Tin basket holder for kindling and small logs
Embroidered runner
Vintage fabric
Kitten note cards from London
Wooden ladle
Wooden hem measuring ruler
I think that was it.
I'm looking for a wrought iron log holder ring or ends, so I asked and the older gentleman there, and he said, "Oh! we had one here for two years, but we just sold it in the last Yard Sale."
Oh well!
Plus they serve coffee, soda, hot dogs, muffins and cakes, what more do you want?

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