Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wood Fires, Wood Baskets

A quiet evening at home.

Tink has found the newspaper basket, which I just added to keep newspapers in for the fire.



  1. Beautiful pics, looks like a beautiful cat. We're cat people too, our cat Freya would do exactly the same thing.
    I got my parcel in the mail from you yesterday thank you so much it came exactly when I need a lift and I can't wait to go shopping and try it out. You are very kind with all the extra goodies you sent. XX Gillybean. PS your street address is as odd as ours, classic!

  2. When I was a child in England and got a Canadian Pen Pall, I thought she must live on a very long street, as her address number was somewhere in the thousands, but that's because they don't start their house numbering at 1 or 2 in North America. There are some exceptions.


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