Sunday, February 11, 2018

Fleeting, Fog and Flowers

Hi Dear Folk,

The weekend is winding down, lots of fog and rain, everything is very soggy.  I feel a bit at sea on the creative front.  I made a broach, I already had the little needlepoint given to me with other odds and ends. It was fun to do a little hand stitching.

I found the little Sylko drawer box in Clare, Suffolk on one of my forays out with sis.

For the picture I made a felt frame and put a pin on the back.

Enjoying my flowers.  Look at these deep purple calla lilies, you can hardly believe a flower can be that deep a purple colour, almost black.

As it was raining Mr. B. didn't have to work so we went out to a couple of thrifts, he found a very swanky pair of Italian dress shoes in leather and canvas, I came out with an old Italian cameo broach, some Polish plates, that match the Polish pottery I bought in Cape Ann, same pattern and a lovely modern cut lace and silk table cloth, you might call it Battenburg lace, it would look great with the Old Country Rose china.

The cameo can be worn on a chain or as a broach.  It has beautiful detail.



  1. I LOVE the Sylko drawer box, such a great find. The brooch is adorable, a lovely make. Great finds.

  2. The drawer box is fabulous! And, nice job on the brooch - very pretty. Your cameo reminds me that I have several from my mother-in-law (her husband brought back several from overseas during the war).

  3. I meant to add, your (very) deep purple calla lily is gorgeous - reminds me of the "black" tulips which are really just an extremely dark, dark purple.


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