Thursday, September 14, 2017

Vietnamese Pots

Hi Dear Folk,

These are the pots that I bought at Ollie's, on that rainy day last Wednesday, they are all made in Vietnam.  It's a good time of year to buy pots as the season is ending, these were 30% off and Ollie's is a discount store in any-case.

I couldn't pass this one by with the birds sitting on a branch, it's so whimsical.  A triangular pot, it was the last triangular pot there with this design.

Last Sunday Mr. B. helped me to level this up on the bricks and fill it with soil.  Some dirt, some compost and some potting soil.  I went digging in the composter, not an easy job, and twinged my back again.  This is a big pot and I don't think the photo shows how large it is.  I had this lovely red flower in a plastic pot so is temporarily in here, until I figure out what I want to grown in this blue pot maybe another fig.

On Saturday The Boy helped move and set this pot up for me.  I had herbs growing all over in different gardens, basil, parsley and oregano, so gathered them all here in this one earthy pot under my kitchen window.  I love it.

This was another area of my garden,  hard to grow anything, as it is so dry.  I like using these coloured pots scattered throughout my garden, the splash of colour gives me joy to look at.

Mr. B. found this white wicker chair for me in the trash.  For about three years I had another white wicker chair here also found in the trash, but the leg was going, so an opportune find.  I had temporarily used a wicker chair here from the oak tree patio, also a trash find, but now it is back there.

The weather has been on the whole cloudy and overcast with some rain.  Hoping it's good for our Cape Ann trip.  Well at least not rain.



  1. Love your wicker chair and your glorious pots. I love herbs, almost more than flowers. Green and fragrant

  2. Beautiful pots in a beautiful setting. You have a stunning garden.


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