Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Boy's Graduation Ithaca 22nd May 2016

Hi Folk,

Well it started out a true Ithaca day, overcast and spitting, but that is what it pretty much stayed at all day except for a two hour break of brilliant sunshine late in the afternoon, when we went back to shoot some photos on campus with Rob's camera on a tripod, at that point the campus was devoid of people.

The procession into the stadium.

Here we are at out seats on the stadium grass, fortunately we had dressed appropriately.

The guest speaker was an ex Ithaca Grad who became a journalist Adam Ellick  who first brought to light the Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Youstafzai, it was a good speech.  The whole ceremony only lasted one and a half hours, I was prepared for a much longer event, it is a smaller college so probably that is why with around 1,500 graduates.

Rob on his way back after graduating.

All together, partaking off some food and meeting Rob's fellow classmates and parents.

Ithaca College is built on just about the highest point in Ithaca, so here we are looking down across the fountains to Lake Cayuga in the background.  One of the buildings at the top is quite a few stories high and I always thought the view from the top of that building must be spectacular.

Wonder if she was in one of Rob's classes.

By the campus pond.

This is a Mexican spread put on by a friend of Rob's, Melanie's  parents were visiting from Texas to pick her up for the summer, actually she still has another year at Ithaca.  It was a wonderful meal with Mole a Mexican dish with chocolate and chicken, which reminds me of the movie Chocolat, guacamole and other good things.

I honestly think that Hispanic people are born with a hospitable gene, they put us northern Europeans to shame when it comes to showing hospitality to strangers.  We had a great time.

Melanie's dad works for Riviana.  I learnt that all Rice is produced by one company in American and that is Riviana, and Riviana is owned by a Spanish company Ebro,  the only rice they do not produce is Uncle Bens.  In fact they produce all Rice and Pasta in the USA, with the one exception, and about one third of the world's consumption of those two products.  So it doesn't matter what package of rice and pasta you buy from the least expensive to the most expensive, it basically ships out of the same hopper, it's all in the packaging.  It was a most informative conversation, the bigger world of market domination.

We made our adieus and set off to take more photos on campus and then back to The Boy's for the grand packing up.  Yes that is quite a feat.

All went well and it was a lovely day.  It is an accomplishment to finish four years of intense education, we were proud of him and he is our Boy.



  1. What lovely photos of you all. Well done to Rob.

  2. It's wonderful to bask in the reflected glory of your child's achievements.

  3. A big congrats to your son! Well done!


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