Thursday, June 9, 2016

Our Digs

Hi Dear Folk,

We had such fun staying here, Bob reworked the wiring on the stereo speakers which gave him joy and I was happy to chill all on our own.

The property is a former switchback to the railroad (circa 1830)  The buildings were sympathetically restored by British visual artist Paul Chambers, who lovingly restored them from a derelict state.  One building out back which is still in a derelict state, an old shed has painted across it, The end of history and I think Paul Chambers may have written that there, because he was all about preserving the old and not sweeping it away.

These floor boards are two lengths of my feet wide.

Bedroom balcony with a view of Lake Cayuga.

Above is the owner Wylie's house.

Once you got the hang of coming up and down the steps it was fine.

No bathroom or any water one had to take a little walk across to our host's house next door.  If you can live with that and we're used to camping, it was a lovely little place to stay at.


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  1. It looks great and what a beautiful outlook. So peaceful. Just what you need.


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