Friday, April 29, 2016

Catwalk At The Rijks Museum

Hi Dear Folk,

One of the exhibitions at the Rijks was the Catwalk Exhibition, and other displays of Dutch fashion from 1625 to 1960.  Jean and I definitely wanted to see this so we headed straight over to this exhibit.

Chairs were positioned all around an oval, which turned with the dressed mannequins on it, a fashion show.

 If I narrowed it down to three favourites on the Catwalk they are the following and I will add a fourth choice.

Above left is my fourth choice, Edwardian Tea Gown.

First choice, Avondjapon, evening dress with mirrored floral pattern, as you can see I took front and back pictures.  Designed by the Italian  Maria Nina Ricci c 1938, who founded her own fashion house in Paris in 1932.  the gown has an underskirt and a tunic.  the draped silhouette recalls the clothing worn by women in ancient Greece, on which many 1930's evening dresses were modeled.  The abstract floral pattern lent the design a contemporary character.  It is a beautiful dress.

The black sequined dress behind is a Jeanne Lanvin 1938.

Second choice, day dress post second World War, RAF silk pilot maps of Asia.  When opened they make no noise.  By Jeanne de Loos, Indonesia C 1945.  There was a shortage of textiles after WWII so Jeanne made use of silk escape maps.  These maps were carried by Royal Air Force crew members so that they could identify their location in case of an emergency landing.

And this is my third choice.

Black dress with a tie belt - Catharina Kruys Veldt de Mare C 1951 - c 1952

Catharina started out as a seamstress, at nineteen she married and with her husband she started a Fashion House Maison C. Kruys Veldt Mare.

Catwalk behind the scenes

The only thing is I always want to see how the dresses were constructed underneath and it's a great temptation to lift a corner up and take a peek.  I think that they should do this, or at least show photos of the stitching, seams and underneath construction, especially of old garments, I would find this most interesting.



  1. I think my favorite is the silk map dress. It was fun sitting watching the exhibits go past.

  2. Very lovely dresses:) Love the evening dress with mirrored floral pattern.The colour combination is chic.

    1. Yes just fun to be at a Fashion Show if not quite Paris. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    2. Yes just fun to be at a Fashion Show if not quite Paris. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.


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