Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Amsterdam By Canal and Trolley

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Amsterdam has a very interesting history.  Out of the marshlands and swamps surrounding the Amstel River, a structure of dams and dikes was made.  These settlers started exacting toll money from the passing beer and herring traders of the Eastern Sea Trade from the Baltics.  They quickly became expert boat builders and brewers.  In 1300 the town received its first charter.

After the Spaniards conquered Antwerp, many wealthy Jews fled to Amsterdam.  The money they brought with them was used to organize trips to India, which proved a huge commercial success.  Then in 1602, the famous Dutch East India Company was founded.  The city of Amsterdam had a majority share in the organization, which was to become the first multinational company in the world. All this prosperity led to being called the Golden Age, an era of urban expansion in both the canals and the Jordaan district, combining functionality and beauty.

It is an amazing sight to see.

The Amsterdam Central Station was built between 1881 - 1889 in the Neo Gothic style the Rjks Museum was built about this time, also in the Neo Gothic style.

A main bridge across a canal connecting the station with the center city of Amsterdam.

This is Dam Square with the Royal Palace in the background and a trolley going across the square,  we are standing on the steps of the War Memorial, the Nieuwe Kirk is on the right side and is now used for art exhibits.

The trolleys are so easy to travel on, we bought a 48 hour pass for 12 euro which starts at time of your first swipe,  or I should say slap, because it is not a swipe like the NYC subway system, which was totally hopeless or we were totally hopeless, one or the other, but probably the other as I was a dab hand at the slap of our tickets in Amsterdam.  The trolleys seem to come along almost every ten minutes so no problem if you missed one just catch the next one.  If only the American car industry had not bought and dismantled the trolley and bus system in Los Angeles, what a happier and easier place that would be to get around in, yes they had a whole infrastructure that was ripped out.


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  1. I have always liked the Netherlands but wandering about Amsterdam impressed me even more. Yes the transport system is amazing. I love your photos. They really capture the atmosphere. The history is so interesting.


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