Monday, April 25, 2016

Arriving At Our Digs

Hi Dear Folk,

Well as I said before travel is not for the faint hearted and neither is four flights of steps.

This is the entrance at the bottom, so one apartment either side on the ground floor.

Up one flight of straight steps and you are confronted with four doors.  One each to the left and right which are single apartments and then the two centre doors which you can see at the top of the stairs have three bells each.  We did not know which one to ring but eventually found out from a neighbour. So each door is locked and when you are let in, you are not buzzed in, our host had asked his sister to clean for him and she came down and let us in; there are another three apartments, one up each flight of stairs.  We climbed three flights of winding stairs to our apartment at the top.  We had a nice big bedroom at the front, overlooking this street.

Here is Jean looking at the paperwork for our digs.

Looking up and down the street.

We thought that our apartment could have possibly been built in the 1930's and I just kept thinking of Nazi soldiers and trucks going up and down and what it must have been like to look out of the windows and see that.



  1. Well think what good exercise we had walking up and down those stairs! I love all the bikes. What with the bikes and the stairs the residents must be super fit.

    1. Yes one would definitely get fitter.

  2. I wouldn't want to haul groceries up four flights of stairs! Did you take any photos of the inside of apartment? It must have been a lovely view from up there.

    1. I agree with that and we did not take any photos inside. Was typical young guys place, lots of potential. Our room was large, clean, comfortable bed, and had a nice little table and chairs, with use of the kitchen for a cup of tea we were happy.


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