Saturday, September 13, 2014

What's Around and in My House, and a Waffle

Hi Dear Folk,

I had planned to go to Cape May with a friend, but today is cool, overcast and showery, so decided to go to the shore on a Saturday when the sun is out, and then I can put my toes in the Atlantic.

I've been thinking about Blogs and Blogging. Many who I used to follow have fallen by the wayside, some have moved on to make it a commercial enterprise, some are in between and the others just plug on because maybe it is just a little journal of their life and they just want to record it.

These maybe will be the Blogs that will last the longest, because their input into their Blog is about their interests for them and maybe what they share touches a nerve in someone else and they like it too.  Possibly it's the need to reach out a hand a say Hello!  Or positively nosy about how folk live in other places and countries, what is their everyday life like?  How does that compare with my everyday life?

It is not governed by the world's obsession with youth, as they age their audience ages and they all mellow together.  They come to know each other over years of time, and the world is so much smaller, all sharing some similar, some different in their ups and downs of life.  Changing developing, moving on to different times and spaces.

Moving on from my waffle.

A preying mantis not the usual green colour I have seen around, Mr. B. said come out and bring the camera.

My Cape Fuchsia and one of my little tile tables from the estate sale.  This is the best of the three.  I think they date back to the forties, maybe the fifties.  The green colour was quite a favourite of the twenties and thirties, I've seen it in old houses where some original paintwork is still there, so maybe they go back to twenties or thirties. A friend of mine had an old family farmhouse in Vermont and the woodwork inside was painted this colour.

Mr. B. found this in the trash, I think it's an old footstool to an armchair, minus all the fabric, but it's great in the garden for a little pot stand.

This is the medium condition tiled table.

This one is in the worst condition.  I feel like Goldilocks and the three bears, making those comparisons.

A little change around in the dining room. And here is my poppy table, isn't it so vibrant.

A little jewelry box.

I love this happy Poppy table.  What is it about red poppies that brings us so much joy?  It does though doesn't it?

My last little purchase at the estate sale, a turn of the century plant stand, with Eastlake leanings.



  1. You have some gorgeosu pieces. I am always sad when a blog I have been reading suddenly disappears and I never find out how that person is, why they stopped blogging and where they are. Did something happen to them or someone in their family? I feel like the bloggerss I read become my friends and it is like that friendship has died off somehow. But then someone new will comment and I will go and visit them and a new friendship is born. So it is sad and good all at the same time.
    Hugs to you,

  2. How exciting to have a praying mantis in your garden. I love seeing all your new finds and your garden. It always amazes me how you manage to find room for more tables and other treasures. Yes I love poppies too and they do make me happy.


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