Friday, September 26, 2014

In The Gorge

After walking the Cornell Plantation The Boy and I had lunch at The Carriage House, near to Cornell University.  A very popular place.  I treated myself to a Mimosa, and had Liver Patee.

After lunch here where we discussed how to make a wallet for The Boy out of the leather from the Aurora Shoe Co. that we were given.  It is very thick so decided that the interior needed to be in a cloth and other things too.

When we got out the weather was a little more overcast, but still nice, so headed over to the Gorge that I had walked the previous day, only taking a different trail, down, instead of up to the suspension bridge.  Lots of steps down.

Sadly some have died here, taking a swim under the falls.  We wondered if the information was so graphic because there were two plaques and the second plaque many years later had a very foreign sounding name and we wondered whether that person could not read the warnings, so more visual than written.

A student was sitting by the side reading.  The sound of water whether gentle or rushing is always soothing I think.

Have a great weekend.


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  1. Good photo of you and Rob and another lovely place. The drownings are so sad and every summer in Britain many young people drown in lakes and rivers just not realizing how cold the water is. Will be interested to see the finished wallet. I made my dad a leather wallet when I was about 14 and it lasted for ages. Thank you for showing us all the lovely places you visit.


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