Thursday, September 25, 2014

Cornell Plantation by the Lake

We are officially in Autumn and today it is raining. 

I wanted to post more of my trip to Ithaca, NY.  Here we are still in the Cornell Plantation, but down by the lake.  A very sweet Korean lady took this for us, she took many, as she said "I know when my son graduated I wanted lots of photos", however she took most from such a distance, that we are minute in the scenery around us, this is the closest.  I have ordered myself a tripod for such photo ops.  The Boy took the one I had with him to Ithaca and we did not have it with us.

Across the lake they were setting up a tent and tables for a wedding reception, what a lovely place to have it and it was such a lovely day.

This week has been a little frazzled at work, because I caught a virus and it totally put everything into crypt you know those crazy symbols.  Not only everything that was on my computer at work, but everything that I had on the server, this was seriously troubling.  Every file of fourteen years of work has gone.  I'm starting from ground zero.  So setting up my computer again, customizing it to what you want is on ongoing process, my head is spinning.

On the other hand after at least eight aborted attempts I may at last have found a crochet sock pattern that I like.  I have come to the conclusion that I like crocheting in the circular, rather than left to right, I never seem to get the edges correct.

The yarn is a merino wool sock blend in pale sage greens, purples, grey and cream, I like it.  Hope it turns out well, we will see.

Hope your week is good.




  1. Such a gorgeous picture of you and your son, but horrible news on what happened at work. Computers are so fussy sometimes, you work for years and lose everything in a matter of seconds. Hope it has worked out better than you had thought.

  2. What a lovely peaceful place. Sorry about your computer - It sounds absolutely horrendous. Hope it gets sorted. The sock sounds good so look forward to pics.

  3. Soo beautiful! Can you imagine this in the autumn?
    That is rotten about your computer. What is the purpose of people doing these viruses?


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