Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fall Creek Gorge Ithaca

Good Morning Dear Folk,

Continuing our Ithaca trip.  After dropping The Boy off at the college gym, I toured around the college, and then went back to walk this little area.  I had seen the trail earlier as we drove by, but had no time to stop.  I also wanted to try my new Aurora shoes out for walking.

I parked the car on the road and walked up to this road bridge and took these photos.  Everywhere is a hike up or down in Ithaca, except The Commons area right in downtown, which is flat.  Here you can see Lake Cayuga in the background.

You can just see the roof, top left, above photo, of a Cornell frat house, which needs a litlle TLC, built in a Swiss Chalet style with amazing woodwork and a deck out back with a view over the gorge.  A lot of this area belongs to Cornell University.

Looking up to the foot suspension bridge, I walked the trail on the right up to this bridge.

Here you can see nets to catch people in case they fall over, or sad to say try to commit suicide, there are also cameras on the bridge, monitoring it and hot line help numbers.  I guess with such a high student presence in town at both Cornell University and Ithaca College, there is a need.  With over 20,000 students at Cornell and over 6,000 at Ithaca.

I took a slow steady steep uphill climb to the suspension bridge through the trees and thoroughly enjoyed it, while admiring my new shoes, and yes they stood the test, so comfortable, brand new and not a blister in sight.

A guide to Falls in and around Ithaca here

I hope to explore more of this area over the next couple of years.



  1. Oh its so beautiful. I can't wait to see it. Glad your shoes were comfy.

  2. Wow! Breathtaking.

    1. It is a beautiful area and I think The Boy will enjoy it here.


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