Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New Window On The World

Yesterday Mr. B. put in my new window, no it has only taken about four or could be five years to get this window in, let me explain.  Somehow the bottom half of my front sitting room window had grown mold in between the two panes of glass.  It just got worse and worse, eventually about five years ago we looked up the code from a label stuck inside the window and phoned CertainTeed the makers, sending them photos etc.  They in turn sent us a new window to install, just the pane that was bad.  Now is the tricky part, actually finding someone who can install the pane of glass, and having the time to find that person and putting it on ones list as a priority item, instead of something that should be done at some point.

Eventually Mr. B. found a glass place that would install the window in the frame, if he took them the frame.  He found out on You Tube, that wonderful resource to learn just about anything and was, with the Boy’s help able to do this.

He got the window back in just before this horrendous rain storm hit, when everything on my drive home was flooding.

So now of course the new window needs cleaning, maybe the deep window sill needs cleaning and rearranging, maybe that whole area needs cleaning and rearranging, maybe the whole room needs cleaning and rearranging.  Yes that was me last night after a day of work.  Am I crazy?

This is what the window used to look like.


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  1. That's the trouble with doing one job. It leads to another and another etc.


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