Monday, June 30, 2014

At The "Keep Seeking God's Kingdom First" Convention

Every year we have a Bible Convention, this year is special as it's an International; which means that delegates travel from one country to attend a convention in another country.  Wilkes Barre was not an International host Convention, but we were linked up to the Met Life Stadium, outside NYC which was an International host Convention.  Attending that convention were over 60,000 we were tied in with Brooklyn Russian, New Jersey City sign language, Columbus, SC, Boulder City, CO, Milwaukee, WI, Orlando, FL, Turnersville, NJ Hindi, West Palm Beach, Haitian Creole, Winston Salem, NC.  All told total in attendance 140,000.  This is just one of many around the States and the globe.

My sister BB will be attending Twickenham, London which is an International Convention.  I myself have the privilege of attending the Honolulu Convention as a delegate, but that's not until November.

Here are a couple of pics of us outside the stadium.  Rob and I. Kim and Rich who we stayed with and a friend of Kim's.  Taken with Kim's phone.

Such a lovely couple and hospitable hosts.  We had such a nice time with them.

Inside the arena in the intermission.

Rob with my girlfriends and he calls them auntie Joan and auntie Janice.

A family demonstration during the convention.  The convention was for three days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Really spiritually up-building.



  1. Happy photos! Glad you enjoyed it. We have to wait over 7 weeks until we get to Twickenham which should be amazing as it will be huge.

  2. Wasn't it a wonderful convention! Ours was in Kansas City and was not International but it was still wonderful being hooked in with others. This year was my last in Kansas City...we are now moving from Kansas to Arkansas so I believe I'll be attending next years in Little Rock. Should be interesting. Haven't moved yet so looking forward to my first meeting in Arkansas next month. Thanks again for sharing this!


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