Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tilly Mint's Tea Room, Souderton

A dear friend and I got together for Afternoon Tea on Saturday.  I mentioned Tilly Mint's Tea Room and that is where we headed off too.

You are made very welcome right from the beginning, their variety of tea to drink is spectacular, definitely a tea lovers delight with all the different varieties they have.  Served in Saddler Tea Pots of which she has a huge collection and was part of the fun to see what was on each teapot.

The theme of course was Blue in tribute to George, the new baby, third in line to be King.

Joni and I go back a long way to our single days, so have many wonderful shared memories, and what I have forgotten she remembers.  These times are special and must be archived in ones happy memories of friendship, and all that that means.


P.S.  Naughty Tuppy has twice been caught sitting on my dining room table, but not just sitting on my dining room table, sitting on top of my Florida hat which has been left on the table since coming back from our trip.  I even moved it and she went up to that end of the table sat on it and flattened it.  What is it with cats? I see I need to put it away as I should have done in the first place.

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  1. Just the sort of tea-room I love! I'm glad you explained the blue as I did wonder. Most of London was lit up in blue last week.


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