Monday, July 22, 2013

Blogging Break

I just don't seem to to be able to get into the swing of Blogging again since I got back.  Plus it seems like I have been home from vacation for months and not weeks.

Last week was 100 degrees F all week, and high humidity, it has been a killer.

A number of things have happened that have been very trying.  Within a week of getting home the engine on my son's Mini went, Ya!

After much debate we decided to sell it, as is, needless to say with a great loss of money and it was his baby. In fact I'm very proud of him, because he took it better than mum did.  He takes after my husband for that.  He said mum basically I worked two years for nothing and that's about right.

So here we are looking for a third car in less than one and a half years, with no money saved up.

He did find a very old Miata, which satisfies his joy of driving and was just about what he could afford after this debacle.  Plus the mechanics are simpler and he thinks that he can do more of his own repairs on it. You never know with second hand cars.  The Mini looked so good and had such what we thought great provenance with one owner in his sixties.  But we decided he must have let his teenage college sons use it much more that was said, because the engine was filthy, which denotes that the oil was not changed as should have been, maybe went away to college with them and was not looked after, who's to say.

Then I caught a very bad summer cold, in fact we all did.  On top of that I scalded my hand and arm, from fingertips to the elbow.  Fortunately I think getting it into iced water straight away really kept the blistering at bay.  It was like the last straw though.

Plus it has just been summer and just seemed to need a break.

So please excuse dear Folk, I know you have been expecting many more updates on our Florida trip and have expected me back.


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  1. Glad you are back. Have missed you. Sorry about the car. My used car is also playing up so I wish I'd kept my 20 year old Fiat. Less trouble. Wow you have it hot. Most people except me are moaning about the heat here and it has reached 32C which I think is over 90F.


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