Monday, July 1, 2013

Dunedin, FL

When you are setting foot where you have never been before, you must rely on what other people say, the web and guide books.  So the guide book said Dunedin was a nice town to visit.  So we made a slight detour to spend some time there and we were not disappointed.

These little lizards are everywhere in Florida.

Just loving the houses along this street with Spanish moss hanging down and a view across the bay.

Rob and I visited a local artisan work ship, very interesting.  There was a welding shop there and they had almost finished making a mobile beer brewer, wish I had taken photos, that was pretty neat.

On his recommendation we had lunch at Kelly's.  We did have to wait a while for an inside seat, but it was so worth it with the temperature so high.  When you drive all day with no AC you do appreciate a little when you can get it.

I had the grouper fish sandwich, delicious, Rob had fancy French toast.  Had a wonderful cold beer.

This is my very wide brimmed hat, excellent for Florida.  Worn on the beach, kayaking, they must have thought who's that crazy person, but it did the job.  It's mostly made from paper and comes from Italy.

We ended our visit with a trip to the ice cream parlour.


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  1. Just the sort of day I would enjoy. The fish sandwich sounds interesting.


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