Tuesday, July 30, 2013

St. Joe's Campsite and Beach by Day

Hispid Cotton Rat. indigenous to St Joesph's Peninsula and the area.  Just fun to watch, more like large mice than what one thinks of rats.  I sat and had my morning cup of tea while watching their antics.  They like to chase each other around.

The Boy on his perch.  The front passenger seat actually swivels right around so that it faces the back when you are stationary.  He's probably on his mobile texting or catching up.

We used his phone for GPS, this is something I never use, give me a good old Map.  Not to say GPS is not wonderful especially in finding an absolute address.  But I like to envision the bigger picture, not turn right here, turn left there.  I like to know what routes, and have a more distant picture in my mind.

The boy and I are in sun protective hats.  Mine was far better for that.

The walkways across the dunes to the beach.

Some of the flora.

Rob on the beach at St Joe's.

I took an early morning walk on the beach, and decided I wanted to walk to the point, where the Gulf meets the Bay, in other words the end of the peninsula.  Well I kept walking and walking and walked for over an hour, every time I saw in the distance what I thought was the last set of dunes, I would round the corner and in the distance was another goal, it just kept going on and on and in the end I gave up.

It made me think of intrepid explorers who were hoping to reach their destination after just one more horizon.

We were sorry to leave.



  1. I've been reading over some of your vacation posts. How wonderful to be able to enjoy the company of your son...you have some wonderful vacation memories and photos.

  2. Am enjoying sharing your holiday with you through your photos. Had to laugh at your walk. We had a similar experience walking up a mountain in the Isle of Man but we did get there in the end.


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