Saturday, June 1, 2013

Paper Weights

My sister BB phoned over the holiday weekend and said that she had been car booting and was starting a collection of paper weights, so I mentioned that I had a few.

So this is my collection.  The millefiore paper weight was given to me by my grandma Kitty and comes from Venice.  The red robin was given to me from an old family friend, auntie Gladys.  I had the robin, BB my sister has the kingfisher.  The teapot was a gift from my friend Candyce, what could be better for a Brit.

The others I collected, the old bridge and boat scene because many years ago in autumn my friend Nancy and I, in our single days tool a trip up to Nova Scotia, driving through the New England states to get there, and one of our campsites was right by this bridge.  We were driving Nancys' old black VW Beetle.  This paper weight is probably from the turn of the century, oh not this one, the last one.  Wow that's funny to think of.  The little flower too.

So BB this is my little collection.


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