Thursday, June 27, 2013

On The Road 1978 VW Camper Van Westfalia Florida Our Adventure

Well I'm back and how hard it is to come back to the routine of work.  If it was just home that would be great, but work is a matter of big time catch up.

One of the funniest things has been driving my eleven year old car, I keep marvelling at power steering and power brakes, let alone automatic.  Actually a newer stick shift is fine.  Air conditioning is nice too.

I think I built up arm muscles turning that steering wheel, plus leaning over like a lorry driver to get it into third gear which was a very long reach.  When I pulled away from a light a least four cars would get a jump on me, some people are patient, some are not.

You may remember the old wing windows in older vehicles, I've always been a fan of these and they were a saving grace in the VW Camper Van.  Something else that came to me was that you did not have to lock the locks with the key, you can just hold them in and they lock, that was a throw back to older times, and actually had to inform my mechanic head son about this feature, yes mum does know a few things.

Did we have fun yes.  Two thousand miles in two weeks.  We were up to the Bend of the Panhandle and right down to the Keys.  We saw some beautiful sights of nature, which made you think about how Florida must have been, from great wealth in Palm Beach to poverty and strip malls in between.

Some parts of Florida you can drive for miles on the side roads, which was great for us at our speed and not see another vehicle for ages.  In many areas it's hard to find even a coffee shop but you will find a church and it will be the First ... Something.

Here I am at the wheel on our first full day out.

Fort DeSoto County Park our first sunrise in Florida and not too far from where we picked up the van.

After we arrived, in true Florida summer tradition a thunder storm came through and dropped a lot of rain.

So here I am just checking out where we will be heading.  I'm having a cup of tea after finishing our chicken sandwiches.  We stocked up on food at Publix, which seems to be the main food chain in Florida.

So will be posting our adventure.



  1. Look forward to more pics. I love the van. There is a restored one round the corner here and it is beautiful.

  2. So, where are the crochet cushions????? :-)



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