Friday, June 7, 2013

Early Morning Light A New Day

I love the early morning light in my garden.

Tink likes a little stroll around the garden.  Had a nice cup of tea out here the other morning on the Pond Patio.

I always feel that a peony is a little posy in itself, if only the blooms were more hardy and the rain didn't beat them down so.

Mr. B. hung one pot on the tree just to get it out of the way and I thought that's not such a bad idea.  My poor ash dies a little more each year.

Has been a busy week, working full time and trying to get ready for our trip to Florida, yes that's tomorrow, we fly out of Philly.

The limits on luggage are rediculous.  If you put anything in the hold they charge you $25.00 each piece.  So we are allowed two carry ons.  One the size of a laptop case, I have a rolly for that, and the other up to 40 pounds, the size of which is the smallest in a set of three suitcases.  I refuse to pay extra.  I'm rather spoilled with the trans Atlantic run, where every little thing like a glass of water is not extra and all drinks and food is included.

Today tropical storm Andrea has hit our area, it has been coming up and across the east coast from yes guess where Florida, but hopefully it will all be over by the time we get down there on Saturday.  Just have to pack, most of my things are gathered together.  I start a week or so before making a list and then getting all those bits together in one area, it makes me feel less stressed.

Did shop for a few extra things, like those Keen walking shoes, although I got a different make half the price and I like them better, bacause the back strap is velcro it makes it easier to put on and take off.  The color is a mid grey and lime green.

Take care of a great weekend.

Florida here we come!



  1. Have a great time and look forward to seeing your pics.

  2. What absolutely gorgeous peonies you have! I hope you've had a great time away.


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