Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Inspired By My Neighbors Yellow Roses

My neighbor has a lovely yellow rose bush.  So I was in Aldi's and looking pretty forlorn were those last packaged rose bushes that no one has bought and will just be thrown out, all discounted.  Mr B. said you have no where to plant them, as he could see that I wanted to buy one of the yellow ones.

Well I went home and thought about it overnight and sure enough I do have a space to put one, and then when I got back I couldn't decide between the New Day and the Origold, so decided to buy both.  At $2.99 each not a huge expenditure.

This was my inspiration for wanting a yellow rose bush.  All my roses are in huhs of pink, lilac and red with a little yellow.

My neighbors rose bush.

So in the back kitchen garden I planted the Origold.

And under the kitchen window I planted the New Day.

A posy of cut yellow roses and my red roses on the pond patio table.



  1. Your neighbour's yellow rose is lovely. I can see why you were inspired. They were a great buy I say.

  2. You can always find room for more plants even when the garden looks full. I hope you enjoy your own yellow roses.

  3. I love the yellow ones too, but always seem to end up buying pink!



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