Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Today's High 24 Degrees F. Sorry Can't Think In C

Yes today the high will be 24f.  We used to get very cold spells for weeks on end but one never knows anymore.  Yes global warming is here though some like to stick their heads in a paper bag.  If you can now navigate A ship through the northern passage and polar bears are dying off at alarming rates, one might want to take these as signs.

Every morning I get a cup of tea in bed and if I get a good nights sleep then I'm awake to truly enjoy that, along with my iPad before the craziness of a day at work begins.

Tuppers also pays a visit every morning jumping on top of our old cast iron radiator and looking out of the window which continually has dirty nose prints on it.  She gets very excited with a birds eye view of the birds and squirrels.

Let the day begin.


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