Sunday, January 27, 2013

McGlynns Pub Dover Delaware

Fun, fun, fun with my girl friends.

Had a lovely reunion.  Four of us girls who have known each other ever since I came to the States over thirty years ago drove down to meet with a friend who I've known almost as long, she was a young married mum when I met Vicky in Tennessee, who now lives in Maryland.

We met half way in Dover, DE.  Shared old times and photos, encouraged each other and heard of plans for new horizons.

Both Joni and Vicky have lost their husbands in death and have kept in touch building one another up.  Vicky is making the move to possibly extend her service in a foreign field, Belize.

McGlynns Pub was recommended to Vicky, was not at all what I expected on the outside.  It's a new building with offices above, looking over a lake, with the Pub at the bottom, but a lovely place to eat and the food was good.

And of course Vicky and I shared a sampler of locally brewed beers.  You can't go to a Pub without having a beer, at least a Brit can't.

Here's the group left to right, me, Vicky, Janice, Nancy and Joni.

What a lovely time we had together.


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  1. It's great fun to get together with old friends The venue looked interesting. Some friends of ours had opportunity to go to Belize with their two young sons for 6 months last year. They were made very welcome and had marvelous experiences.


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