Monday, January 21, 2013

Mini Cooper S with John Cooper Package

Today was a day off work, wonderful and of course I haven't done a thing that I said and thought I would do.  I have stolen time and just read all day, a rare treat for me now.  I sat in the Simla Room with the stove on and finished Reuben Sachs and started Brook Evans.  Both on the Persephone list and both from my local library.

I have wanted to introduce you to the boy's new ride, this is his new set of wheels. A Mini Cooper S with the John Cooper Package. Mum is coveting this, it brings back happy memories of youth.  Although this is far more upscale than the old Minis I used to ride around in.

Well needless to say it was most upsetting when his car was totaled fortunately he did not hurt himself and nobody else was involved.  But the whole thought of going out and looking for another second hand car was not a happy prospect.  I think the Boy took it better than his mother.

He had five different makes and models of cars on his hit list, this being one of them.  When I saw that the seller lived so close I urged Rob to go and look at it, which he did with his dad.

The seller was a man in his sixties totally into cars, already having a Porsche and a BMW.  He had ordered two Mini Cooper S the same colour when they first came out over here in 2002, he still had them both and was selling this one.

To this car he had added the John Cooper S package and a super brake package, both alone worth thousands.  The car had 122K on it and was in very nice condition.  So the Boy and his dad put a deposit on it and the Boy and his mum went back the following weekend and did all the sale transaction and paperwork at a Tag Transfer shop.  This took a whole lot longer than it should have done as it was run by a little old man who was forty years behind the times and did everything in a ledger and had no direct Internet to Harrisburg.

The Boy said I didn't get a piece of paper like this before to tape in the back window of the car, and I said that's because this time you were time warped forty years in the past.  We laughed about it and said he wouldn't forget buying his mini.

The seller had a complete three ring binder on the car.  Every manual and bill from the beginning, even a framed certificate for the John Cooper package.

To add icing to the cake the Boy's insurance company paid him a considerable amount more than he paid for the Ford and it was the exact amount of buying the Mini, how fortuitous was that?

Mum has her eye on it.


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  1. Oh wow! About 20 years ago I briefly had a mini which I loved as, like you, it reminded me of all the fun we had squashed in minis pre-seatbelt laws when I was young. I found I was increasingly giving lifts to old people and if I managed to get them in, it was a heck of a job getting them out again. I mentioned this to a friend who said he also found he couldn't get zimmer frames in the boot! So tell Rob to enjoy his mini while he doesn't have to worry about such things.


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