Saturday, April 16, 2011

Taking Out The Hedge

Today is raining and nasty, although the rain held off this morning while we were out on service.  But boy was it blowing on Windswept Drive, an appropriate name.  

Yesterday I finished preparing my taxes and got them in the mail.  For ones living outside the USA they have to be postmarked by April 15th every year.  You file Federal, State and Local Taxes.  Thank goodness that's done and behind me.  I always procrastinate on them.

Earlier in the week we had a couple of nice days and here you can see hubby pulling out the hedge between our house and the neighbours.  The snow last year did a number on the hedge and although it runs the length of our property and the neighbours, the area that bothered me most was between the two houses.  So I asked our neighbour George if we could take it out and put in a fence, just along this section and he agreed.

Now we're shopping for fence and it's not cheap.  We've been round and round what to do, but I'm leaning towards putting up 6 foot posts and then linking them with wire fencing with the thought of growing clematis and other climbers up the wire. Putting brackets on the posts to hang flower baskets from.  This would be the cheapest way to go.  We had spoken to George about putting a privacy fence up, but I'm wondering if that would be too enclosing and block our view both ways.  I think George would like a picket fence, but the ones we saw and could afford were so cheap looking.  Then we thought of doing lattice, but then the price goes up.  So we go round and round.

George has a picture postcard little cottage it's just darling.  His wife died several years ago and he misses her terribly, and then his son died just the beginning of this year.  He had lived with him for the past few years.  So that was a sudden death.  He died in his sleep just like his wife.  Both his boys were in Vietnam and that really messed their lives up.


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