Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hospital Yard Sale A Bi-Annual Event

I have long coveted these Czech china containers. So when I walked into china room I espied this set straight away and being an affordable price I added them to my little goody collection. 

Not these ones specifically, but ever since I first saw a complete set at an old friends house, who received them for a wedding present, probably in the thirties.  This would date them to that time period and they must have been popular as a wedding present then.  Her set was perfect every piece and in great condition, you hardly ever come across a set like that.  Unless it's a fortune.  Now I needed to declutter my kitchen counter, find space and enjoy them there.

The corn tureen with matching ladle is sweet.

Along with different linens, some lovely hand crocheted collars, a beautiful French tea towel for a friend.  Little hankies a silk scarf and washable wool hat, plus shoes and odds and ends.


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