Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sewer Saga

I'll cut to the quick on the Saga of the Sewer. Last September they ran a new public sewer main down our street and the contractor did not connect us in. So since last September all the sewage has just been dumping into the ground. The Sewer Authority, before we found this out, said this was our problem and we must fix it, at our expense.  We did find out that the blockage was the other side of the road, doesn't matter, our problem, $5,000 to dig a hole in the road, and another $5,000 if you have to dig up all across the road and $3,500 to do the trap, needless to say we were sweating bullets!

Now we come to the nitty gritty. We spent $3,500 on trying to put a problem right that we could never put right because we have not been connected up. It would be nice to think that the sewer authority would do right by us, but we will see. Let alone the fact that for the last nine months we have been paying for sewer service that we have not been receiving.

It's all aggro. On the bright side it's positively not our problem any more.


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  1. Glad things turned out better than you thought. Horrific to think of the sewage going into he ground!


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