Wednesday, June 30, 2010

French Find and Thrifted

Really nice French dictionary

Great 70's patchwork book.

Candy or sweets as us Brit's would say. I've been thinking of fudge.

This 1956 Bar b que book is so delightfully retro.

How about the girls in dresses?

What about this retro scene.

I found this lovely crochet blanket; which I used this weekend at a Convention, where the air conditioning is frigid.

Last but not least a find in the trash, a Creuset dutch oven, which I cleaned up. It's so nice and I've always wanted one but they are expensive, at least $189.00. So how about that for a find?


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  1. I love the barbq book but in 1956, I'd never heard of barbqs! I don't think they'd reached Romford. I also have a Cassell's French dictionary found in a charity shop as we call them here.


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