Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sunday Morning, 2nd Day, Neist Point

View on drive to Neist Point

The steep walk and steps down to the Point

Then a walk back up to Neist Point

My sister BB, while sitting here, she got to see a basking shark

The morning mist lifting

Neist Point lighthouse

Unusual rock formations at the Point

Sunday morning after a cooked breakfast we decided to take a local walk. Before leaving the States I had downloaded some walks in the area where we would be staying and this was one of them.

Neist Point was about a twenty minute drive from where we were staying in Glendale. We parked the car and then took the steep steps down and walked across, and then up to Neist Point, where a lighthouse sits. If you like you can stay at the lighthouse for B&B.

BB sat while Trev and I walked on to the lighthouse and rock formations. While sitting BB got to see a basking shark, we missed that. But our walk on a glorious day what more could you ask for?


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