Thursday, November 26, 2009

B. R. Dressing Gown

I have been looking and looking for a new dressing gown, but have not found one that I truly like. I brought a silk type one at the thrift shop for my trip to Scotland, but do not like it for everyday wear. So I decided to mend my old one.

The sleeves were the worst, with holes and stains, so I cut them off, unpicked the edging fabric and bleached it. I cut them off to around the elbow. I used the cut off sleeves as a pattern and used one of Rob's old white tee shirts and cut two sleeve pieces out. I sewed back on the edging fabric and the sleeves. Then I did some decorative embroidery to add a little something.

Even with the bleaching the fabric was some what grubby so I decided to do the blanket stitch around the edge to cover this a little bit.

There were also holes in different places on the gown, so I used the fabric from the old cut off sleeves and patched with this, using a blanket stitch to edge the patches. I think it turned out quite well.


P.S. B.R. means before Rob, in other words I date things in my mind; did I have that before Rob was born and that dates it to at least fifteen years old and this is one of those pieces.

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