Sunday, November 22, 2009

Coral Beach

An old abandoned croft. You have to wonder who lived here, did they leave during the land clearances? What a view they had here across Dunvegan Loch, but what a walk and how isolated. A good donkey would be of great value living here I would think. Many Highlanders emigrated to the far flung regions of the British Empire.

This evangelical preacher led his flock from the Isle of Skye to Nova Scotia, from Nova Scotia to Cape Breton, which is not too far. Not liking it there they took the long sea voyage to Australia and from there to their last stop New Zealand. Starting in 1817 to 1853. Eventually he was happy with that, or felt enough was enough at 70 years of age and having resided in half the British Empire. I found it a most interesting account. Enlarge the photo and read the whole account.

Shells picked up at Coral Beach. I had an idea of making them into jewelery, but who knows.


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