Monday, November 16, 2009

Re-Vamped Curtains

These curtains came from a thrift shop several years ago. I had put them up in the boy's room, but he never did like them. I can't blame him, because they were too long and had this hideous early eighties patterned fabric applique, which was applied to all four sides.

I started off by unpicking the appliqued stripes, washing and ironing them, hemming them and then I hanging them up. But after looking at them for a while I decided that I did not like the tab tops. So took the curtains down and unpicked the tab tops, re-hanging them with rings.

So this is how they look hung with the rings. They are much easier to open and close.

After all that I thought maybe I should have gone with a wooden rod and rings instead of the black wrought iron, but it's too much to take them all down and I'm getting used to them.


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