Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunset in My Simla Room

I was sitting in my Simla Room in the evening and the light was so magical, that lovely warm hue, that I just had to share it. An Indian sunset, warm and rich.

When you have a small house, you are the mother of invention in finding just that one more nook where something can be fitted in, when others think you can't possibly find a place for it.

Well needs must. My craft books were in the basement and it's just a tad to damp down there for books. And yes I know my craft books are old and many are cast offs from the library, but I love my books and don't want them ruined. So, Voila! an old low bookcase I already had in the basement, which I found in the rubbish, and the place, in the doorway of my French doors. You see I have two sets of French doors into the Simla room and truly only use the one.

Now all my books are in one place. It works.


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