Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Little Joys

OK the little things of life, that bring little joys.
Lovely long partial wool socks; which I bought now for next winter, becuase if I look for them then I will not be able to find them.

My Argoflex camera, which I still have to make a box for. To use for TTV photography, Through The Viewfinder.

A dear little case I found for my husbands hand me down Olympus C-770. I found it in the men's sections of TJ Maxx. Isn't it darling and the right price.

And last but not least, from a shop down the road which has lovely fabrics, and all sorts of other crazy stuff, the shop of last resort for them. Yes Chinese black lacquer screen, inlaid with mother of pearl and abalone, price $1.00, yes $1.00. A little dirty, but soon cleaned up with some Pledge orange furniture polish. I wasn't sure what to use, but that worked a treat with a soft cloth. I don't like to state prices too much, and become too mercenary but honestly $1.00.

So these are my little joys, of a material nature.

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