Friday, May 1, 2009

My Eclectic Bedroom

I thought that I would share a few photos of our bedroom. Our bedroom set is I think from the thirties and I've always loved it, with the beautiful inlay roses, I've never seen another set like it, or even close.

I decided to collect together all our gold edged frames to give the picture gallery a more cohesive look. So this is it. I started with the large picture in the middle; which I fell in love with, with the yellows and blues and the poppy field, so typical of Tuscany.

All the pictures have been collected over time. Top left a favourite The Lady and The Lake, far left a picture by Constable. A print that went out to New Zealand, then was sent back to my grandmother and she gave it to me. Left Middle, a scene of Bamburgh Castle across the beach, love the blues. Bottom left, bluebells in the woods, bought at a Sunday car boot sale in the Lake District, for .50p. I had been looking for a bluebell picture for so long. Middle right, little birds in a line. Below that an oil painting by my grandmother, an English oak tree and cornfield with poppies and a pheasant. I treasure it. Far right an old scene of Cambridge. Far bottom right, old picture repairing wicker chairs.

This is a Tuscan scene I painted. So a lot of the pictures have the theme of blue tying them together, as well as the gold frames, it works.

My dressing table, with some family photos. Could I get another thing on it? Far left oval is my great grandfather who was in WWI, he only lived a few years after that because of mustard gas poisoning.

I have photos of both my great grandmothers. On the left is my dad's, dad's mother and on the right is my mum's, mum's mother. I have the broach that she is wearing.

Bo's tall boy and the mirror above was his mum's, and she died when he was four, We have a lovely photo of his mum and dad sitting on a couch in front of it. So very nostalgic.

Vanity dresser and my collection of poetry books, and absolute favourites. Didn't know what to do with that lovely gold fabric, so thought I would drape it and voila!

Well I always have fun looking at other peoples houses, and I thought you would too.

As we say, 'have a nice day.'


P.S. Click on any photo to enlarge it.

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  1. Really nice,Chrisitne! I love the painting you did. Photos are so special and how nice to have them out instead of packed away.


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