Friday, May 1, 2009

Scones for School

Well it's been a very busy week, actually a very busy month. Really too busy, too many ups and downs, I am so ready for May. Although it seems we will be starting it off with a busy weekend.

Well here is the boy, up early Friday morning to make Scones for School. Yes every Friday they have a group of about eight who bring things for a group lunch in the school cafeteria lunch room. They seem to have all the bases covered with paper plates, wraps, brought in by a girl, who's mum owns a restaurant, and so on. It seems that more want to join, but of course they need to keep it down to an orderly arrangement, just their original group.

I told him how to make them, not from a specific recipe, but just basically one cup of flour to one tea spoon of baking powder, to one desert spoon of sugar, butter, one stick for four cups of flour, half a cup of raisins, cleaned in boiling water and dried on a paper towel, one egg beaten and milk to mix. Egg wash for the top and sprinkle sugar on. I've always liked the American way of measuring with cups, it's so simple.

Mixing the scones.

Clean up, yes I have always stressed that clean-up is part of the job.

Ready for the oven. Making wedges, rather than making rounds with a cutter, is so much quicker.

Finished results. One for school and one to take with us for the weekend.

These are scones I made; which made him want to make them. Plus he said I'll take something ethnic. Well yes I guess I do belong to an ethnic group, never really thought of it that way.

I did not egg wash mine and sprinkle sugar on top.

In the background is my new electric kettle. I had a more tradition style one, it worked fine, but started to leak more and more around the bottom seam, so I had to get rid of it and buy a new one. Actually it takes up a little less space.

It sits on a piece of granite from Scotland; which some Scottish friends who lived over here for a while gave to me. The pink in it suits my kitchen. Don't you love the different colours in granite and marble? Which reminds me I have to show you my new carera marble sink top, but that's another post.

This weekend Rob, the consummate organizer, has organized his mum and friends to take them all, to visit mutual friends who used to live in out area, but now live further out in the country just over an hours drive away.

The boys are taking our tent and sleeping out. They did it last winter at 20f so this should be a breeze. They have fun and enjoy it. And I get to spend time with my friend A, the island girl. We have a lot of fun and laughs.

Plus I get to sleep in the new done up spare bedroom; which is basement level, but opens up onto a little patio. I haven't seen it yet, but I know my old 1930's sofa is part of the decor. I just had no room to keep it and I'd rather give it to some one who would truly appreciate it.

So fun, fun and a respite.

Last weekend the boy organized his friends dad to take them to a Star Wars Show in Pittsburgh, my hat goes off to M's dad, because it is a five hour drive to Pittsburgh and they did it in one day, there and back. That one he wasn't going to organize us into.

Have a great weekend,


P.S. I guess he didn't want to mark up his tee shirt for school, plus Summer is here, in his mind.

P.P.S. I've given up on having shiney clean baking sheets.


  1. The scones are perfect! Save one for me!

    I hope you have a lovely weekend with your friend. It sounds very restful.

  2. The scones look very tasty!
    it sure sounds easy that way of measuring.

    Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. From now on I hope to be more on the computer so I can follow again all of the wonderful blogs.
    Have a nice sunday evening.


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