Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pink Rose - Olympus Camedia C-770 10X Optical Zoom

Just had to take a photo before their beauty was totally lost. The rose is a tad past it's best. You can see it's just beginning to wrinkle.

I took it with my husbands old Olympus -770 Digital 10X optical zoom Camedia camera. I've been upgraded, although I alternate between that and my old Olympus. It's handy because the batteries and cards are interchangeable.

Bo, has had three of the above cameras. The first one had no sound on the video, and cost almost as much as the fancy, dancy Sony he just bought. That one bit the dust, when Rob and Bo were larking about a bit a wedding and it hit the concrete floor. That was the end of the first one.

The second one with sound he bought on E-bay for around $200, that stopped working after taking a long video at Rob's Middle School Graduation.

This last one, the third one, he bought on E-bay for about $70.00 and it still works. And now I have it and I'm getting used to using it. They're nice little cameras, so if you can get hold of a second hand one, I would recommend it. The only thing is they eat up a charge on the battery, even quicker than his new Sony does.

The macro is better than on my old camera an Olympus IR-500 with a docking station. It is a neat small go anywhere camera.

Well enough on that.


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  1. I especially love the first one. I can almost feel the petals and the texture is captured so well.


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